People's Republic of Zhengguo
Flag of Zhengguo
Map here
OTL: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, Alberta,
Capital City: Zhengsheng (around the same place as OTL Seattle)
Largest City: Zhengsheng
Other Cities: Xianyu, Xinbeijing, Jiangqu, Yaojia
Languages: Chinese
Religion: Confucianism
Ethnic Groups:
Demonym: Zhengguan
Government: Single Party Socialist Republic
Head of State: Xiansheng Yu
Population: 281,399,005 (as of 2016)
Established: 1421 (as colony)

1971 (independence)

Independence: December 25, 1971
Currency: Zhengguan Yuan
Internet TLD: .zg
Calling Code: +155
Organizations: American Union, UN, GTO

The People's Republic of Zhengguo is a nation comprising the West Coast of North America. It was a former colony of China and is the only communist nation in North America.

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